Carbotex Catfish

For Predators

Due to

the Carbon-Texture and DSC technology and the high quality Japanese raw material a new fishing line, CARBOTEX CATFISH has been developed. With the help of additives and continuous quality control the developers succeeded in creating a line that despite its high diameter has softness and successfully resists the hackle-teeth of the catfish.



Developed for catfish and other predators
Soft despite its high diameter
Successfully resists the teeth of predators
Suitable for salt and freshwater


Lo-Vis Steel Grey

Product Diameter F Test KG Test Dia. YDS LB Test
Carbotex Catfish 190m 0.600mm 33,75 26,00 0,024" 208 57,32
Carbotex Catfish 170m 0.650mm 36,15 29,50 0,026" 186 65,04
Carbotex Catfish 150m 0.700mm 39,15 32,00 0,028" 164 70,55