Client testimonials

The following quotes have been received in emails from REAL people.
The sentences have not been edited.

"I was immediately impressed with how well Carbotex casts. The line has a small diameter compared to other brands, and the strength is unmatched. This is the real deal" Tyler Brinks, CO

"This line is excellent. I have been using this product for the past year during competition in the FLW Outdoors tournament trails. It's performance has proven to be second to none. During the FLW Stren Series Tournament on the Hudson River I set the new record for heaviest winning margin with Carbotex (17#13oz.)."
Pete Gluszek, NJ

"I was introduced to D.S.C. this year in 8lb. test. It handled like a dream on a spinning outfit and was surprisingly tough."
Pete Gluszek, NJ

"I would like to thank you for the samples of line you provided me to try this fishing season. I provided some of your lines to some other bass fisherman to test this summer as well. After several months of fishing various presentations in all types of cover, water, etc., your lines have proven to be quality products."
Brad Coovert, JBC Outfitters, IN

"We have looked into your line, and recognize you have a very good quality monofilament." Anders Haug Thomassen VP Sales & Marketing O.Mustad & Son AS.

"Carbotex lines are world class products, smartly packaged with very impressive characteristics. There is no doubt that Carbotex has line to suit every anglers' needs."
Rick Massie -Australia Tournament Angler





Sender : Mr. Don McRae New Zealand
Location : Tonga, New Zealand
Date : September 2007
Size of the biggest fish : Dogtooth Tuna
Fishing line used : Carbotex Braided 17 LB



Sender : István Kiss Hungary
Location : Tiszatardos, Hungary
Date : august 2007
Size of the biggest fish : Catfish 40,50 kg
Fishing line used : Carbotex Braided 50LB


Sender : Gábor Farkas Hungary

Location :

Kiskunlacháza, Hungary

Date : December 2005

Size of the biggest fish : Grass carp (white-amure)16kg

Fishing line used : Carbotex DSC 8LB

Sender : Dr. László Mikler, Dr.Tamás Gilicze Hungary

Location :

Egypt, Lake Nasser

Date : June, 2007

Size of the biggest fish : 34,49kg and 47,10kg

Fishing line used : Carbotex Braided 60LB




"We had been fishing for six days from February 22-27, 2005 in Egypt on the Lake Nasser, on the world biggest man-made freshwater reservoir with scenery borders. Our purpose was to catch the NILE PERCH. [.] We hired our fishing tackles, 3-3 rods+reels per person. [.] We took more kilometers of Carbotex fishing line with us, from diameter 0,40mm till 1,00mm.

[.] We catched our largest nile perch on the second day at 6.03 pm. It was 28 kg with a 0,50mm Carbotex main line together with a diameter 1,00mm front line and with a Rapala-Super Shad Rap 4 bait. It took about 5 minutes to exhaust the fish.





Thanks for the right reel, the flexible Shimano rod, and for the easy handle, flexible and heavy-duty Carbotex fishing line, the fish had no chance whatever.

Dr. László Mikler”

Sender : Frantisek Vévoda Czech Republic
Location : Tengis and Shiskid rivers.
Date : october 2004
Weight of the fish : Taimen 130 cm
Fishing line used : Carbotex Coated 12LB

Sender : Luca, ProCarp Italy

Location : Saint Cassien France

Date : 29 December 2004

Weight of the fish : 18,5KG

Fishing line used : Carbotex Coated 17LB

“Yes, December is not the perfect time for fishing but it is when we have same spare time, so after a hard working season I decided with my colleagues of

ProCarp to spend our Christmas holidays in France for fishing.


Many fishermen was there from all over Europe and the “tam tam” was a bad one “very few catches and not so big”


So after five days with no result I decided to put my bait at 20m depth (quite strange for me…..).


Well the day after at 9:30 am the wonderful music of my bite alarm broke the silence of the nature!


After a strong fighting the carp was in my hand!